**Some Art

All work displayed is for sale, unless "NFS".
If anything has been sold, I am able to make a similar painting (As seen with "Aroma of White").

Feel free to contact me for prices: alinaosipov22@gmail.com



     Green Landscape, 12"x16"

                                                 Green Landscape 2, 11"x14"

       Up North, 11"x14"

     Brandywine, 11"x14"


Fresh Green Light, 11"x14"

                                              The Smell of Purple Light, 11"x14", SOLD

                                                      I feel Movement of Light, 11"x14"

                                                        9"x9", Bananas, SOLD

                                                          16"x20", A Dinner, SOLD

                                                     Figure/portrait paintings:
                                                Sleeping 1, 6"x10", Watercolor NFS

                                               Sleeping 2, 6"x10", Watercolor NFS

                                                      Self-Portrait, 9"x11", NFS

                                                       Figure, 16"x2", Chalk Pastel, NFS

                                                          Some still-lifes:

                                              18"x24", Flowerful Color Combinations, SOLD

                                                 A Soft Warm Evening Still-Life, 24"x 45", SOLD

                                                    Camouflaged Electric Tea Pot, 9"x11"
                                                     Spontaneous Still-life, 16"x20"

                                   Large Cup and Objects in Patina of Green, 2x4ft.

                                                    Aroma of White, 17"x17", SOLD

                                                    Little Sister, 6"x10", SOLD

           Aroma of White 2, 18"x18", SOLD

              Aroma of Yellow Daisies, 18"x18"

                                             Hyacinths in Warm Evening Light, 16"x20"

Two Bamboos, 9"x11", NFS

                                                       Magical Light Situation, 9"x12"

                                           Yummy Objects in Yellow Green Light 1, 6"x6"

                                          Yummy Objects in Yellow Green Light 1, 6"x6"

                                                         Artist's Bookshelf, 3.5 x 7.5 Ft (pretty big)
                                             Cast Hall, 9"x11"
                                           I Remembered Van Gogh, 16"x20", NFS
                                         A Figure From Imagination, 20"x24", NFS
                                                        Studio From Within, 20"x24", NFS

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